• Now a day's demand for the second sale or used Heidelberg printing presses is very high due to increase in value of the printing press. After a press is sold and re installed, lot of new problems are coming up which will increase cost of the machine for the replacement of defective spare parts. To avoid such upcoming expenses, buyer need to check the machine before the press is finalized and dismantled.
  • PRINTOCARE provides Press Inspection Report (PIR) after checking thorough Electrical ,Mechanical and Print Quality of the machine. The Report will include following parameters such as Print quality, Registration, Condition of the rollers, Cylinders, Gears, Pneumatic air system, lubrication system and so on based on our Standard check list. A detailed professional report will be given based on which buyer can decide whether buyer can purchase machine or not.
  • Should you wish to experience our installation and commission service, kindly feel free to contact us.