UVC Disinfection

Airborne micro organisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and mold are especially present in heavily frequented areas such as airports, hospitals and quarantine centers.

They jeopardize the health of people, contaminate raw materials, and cause food to spoil, UV radiation reliably reduces the germ load and improves hygiene and storage conditions. In particular, short-wave UV radiation has a strong bactericidal and virus killing effect. The radiation is absorbed by the microorganisms' DNA destroying its structure hence arresting further growth bringing end to infection.


No Harmful Zone


5-Minute Disinfection


One Touch Operation

Various Size And Configuration Available

  • Your Advantage With UV Light
  • Safe and reliable desinfection of rooms.
  • Protection against germs and pathogens.
  • Low space requirement makes retrofitting easy.
  • High-performance lamp technology: optimized output of 254 nm UVC radiation (highly desinfectant especially for viruses like COVID 19).
  • Easy to handle and operate.
Application Areas
  • UV Light as a Solution for your application in
  • Food-processing and pharmaceutical industry.
  • Hospitals, doctor's offices, laboratories, clean rooms, storage rooms, offices, heavily frequented areas such as airports, Quarantine Centers etc.
  • Livestock stables.
  • HVAC system cooling coils and filters.

UV-C Disinfection Conveyer Tunnel for edible Items

Model No. / Size Technical Specification
ALUV-C20.4.4.TB 8 Nos. UV-C germicidal lamp.
ALUV-C30.6.6.TB 12 Nos. UV-C germicidal lamp.
ALUV-C40.8.8.TB 16 Nos. UV-C germicidal lamp.
ALUV-C50.10.10.TB 20 Nos. UV-C germicidal lamp.

Alpna's UV Tunnel effectively disinfects food products, packaging and tools. Featuring highly-effective ultraviolet C-spectrum lamps, the tunnel denatures and destroys Viruses, bacteria, mould spores and other microfibers. The UV treatment process is entirely clean, dry and chemical-free.

C-spectrum ultra-violet light breaks down bacteria and microbes at a molecular level targeting their RNA/ DNA which prevents them from spreading and significantly reduces TVC (Total Viable Counts).

By minimizing product spoilage in this way, the UV Tunnel extends a product's shelf life by up to 30%. An easy-to- operate machine, the Alpna's UV-C Tunnels has a high-quality mechanical conveyer belt and a stainless steel housing for quick and efficient cleaning. Complete with long-life UV tubes, this machine demands low electrical and operating costs.

Food Industry:
The food industry faces many challenges, these include:

The demands for increased freshness and longer shelf life of produce.

  • Reduction in microbiological contamination, these include health threats from Salmonella, E coli, Campylobacter,...Listeria etc.
  • Improved product quality and reduced customer complaints.
  • Improved production and logistical efficiencies.
  • HACCP compliance.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Carbon reduction programmes.
The Process:
  • UV-C light at an optimal wavelength of 253.7nm penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism.
  • The high energy photons of the UV-C light are absorbed by the cell proteins and DNA / RNA.
  • UV-C damages the protein structure causing metabolic disruption.
  • DNA is chemically altered so organisms can no longer replicate.
  • Organisms are unable to metabolise and replicate. They cannot cause disease or spoilage.

This process has a lethal effect on all micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, moulds, yeasts and viruses.

Features & Benefits:
  • Chemical-free, highly effective UV disinfection treatment.
  • Dry application suitable for sensitive products in high and low care environments.
  • Extended shelf-life and substantial reduction in TVCs.
  • Highly versatile application for fresh meat, fruit & veg, packaging, tools & RTE (Ready to Eat) products.
  • Micro-organisms are denatured, preventing development of microbial resistance.
  • Simple, low-skill operation & easy cleaning.
  • Designed and manufactured to meet your requirements as a CCP (Critical Control Point).
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective operation, low electrical costs.

Corona Terminator Box

Covid-19 Relevence

SARS COV-2 virus is one of the most contagious viruses known to mankind and is creating havoc with infections and economies throughout the work. It becomes utmost important to take as much precaution as possible to disinfect and stop further transmission of this virus. UV- C radiation has now been universally acknowledged as very effective means to destroy corona Virus. So with this machine you can disinfect your Mask, Phones, Goggles and other essential commodities that come in direct contact with your hands, etc and enjoy peace of mind by ensuring stopping further transmission of this deadly virus to you or others close to you.


Insert your items


Press Start 2 Minutes is all you need


Remove and Enjoy your sanitized items

What All You Can Disinfect

(For Small Items)


(For Medium Items)


(For Large Items)

Technical Details
Model UVC Lamps & Wattage Outer Dimensions (L*B*H) mm Max Object Size (L*B*H) mm Exposure Time
AL0602CTB 2 Lamps - 16 Watts 275*340*240 170*190*86 2 Minutes
AL1204CTB 4 Lamps - 48 Watts 450*468*335 300*200*195 2 Minutes
AL1808CTB 8 Lamps - 120 Watts 610*628*450 460*455*295 2 Minutes
Application Areas
Hotels & Restaurants
Factories Work Place
UVC Disinfection System

Contact-less Disinfection

360° Disinfection

Timer based logic function

Portable Device

Chemical free process

Corona Terminator 360

Disinfect up to 99.99%

Corona Terminator 360 UV - C Modules

Alpna has more than 2 deacades of expertise in UV Curing/ Disinfecting technologies and products. We now offer UV- C disinfecting equipment especially good for containing viruses like COVID 19

How Does UV Work?

Ultraviolet light exists within the spectrum of light between 10 and 400 nm. The germicidal range of UV is within the 100-280nm wavelengths, known as UV-C, with the peak wavelength for germicidal activity being 265 nm. This range of UV light is absorbed by the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, causing changes in the DNA and RNA structure, rendering these microorganisms incapable of replicating. This is especially effective for killing viruses including Covid 19.

Technical Specifications

Sl No. Parameter Specification
1 Total UV Output 288 Watts
2 UV Tube 8 Nos
3 Operation Timer based contact-less on/off
4 Connectivity 10 meter electrical cable
5 Current 220 VAC, 50Hz
6 Power Consumption 500 Watts
7 Physical Movement On caster wheels
8 Dimension H 1385 * L460 * W4500 mm
9 Weight 30 Kgs
10 Wavelength 254 nm

Application Areas

This can be used for the following environments or wherever microbial disinfection is required:

  • Hospitals & Medical Institutions.
  • Physician offices & Ambulance.
  • Laboratories & Testing centers.
  • Airports, Railway Stations & Bus Stands.
  • High-performance lamp technology: optimized output of 254 nm UVC radiation (highly desinfectant especially for viruses like COVID 19).
  • Passengers vehicles - Bus, Train, Flight.
  • Educational Classrooms.
  • Quarantine Centers.
  • Factories & Commercial Offices.
  • School Classrooms.
  • Shopping Malls & Theaters.
  • Hotels & Restaurants.
Commercial Market Place
Transport Vehicles
Hospitals & Medical Institution

Technology Benefits

Technical Drawing
  • Effective for all types of micro organism-Bacteria, Fungi, Pathogens and Viruses.
  • Disinfect up to 99.99%.
  • Contact-less disinfection.
  • Fast & efficient disinfection.
  • Low capital & operating cost.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • No disinfection by-product (DBPs) formed.
  • Minimum Manpower required

UVC Light Exposure to humans is extremely harmful. The unit has built in safety sensors for preventing exposure. The unit is strictly to be used as per the guidelines mentioned in the operating instructions.

  • High Intensity Ultraviolet Light.
  • Avoid Eye & Skin Exposure.
  • Wear Proper Eye & Skin Protection.
  • Turn Off UV Light Before Using Unit.

Silent Carriers of Virus

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