L CURE - Offset LED Systems

UV Curing technology was introduced to the printing world in late 80’s and proved to be ground breaking with never before print solutions and applications. Now substrates thought impossible to print upon could be printed and with ease, predictability and at good speeds. High deposits of inks/ coatings were suddenly possible with instant drying properties of UV technology. In short the revolutionary technology opened a whole new world of printing solutions, innovation and creativity.

For over 3 decades mercury medium pressure lamps were primary source of UV radiation. For such a long time inspite of being cumbersome and highly power inefficient these system ruled the world of UV equipment as no other alternative technology could come even close to Medium pressure Mercury Lamps. LED’s as a source of UV radiation were there as an idea since a long time but it is only now that LED’s have become a reality overcoming many technical hiccups over last many years with development and advancements in LED manufacturing technologies accompanied with development in compatible inks/ coatings. LED’s have now become a reality unleashing another revolution in lifeline of UV printing world with advantages of massively energy efficient, low heat, long life LED UV curing solutions. So come lets explore the magical world of UV printing now with LED UV curing with us.

Alpna introducing on a New Generation of Upgradable UV LEDs and Brings You to a New Era of Printing and Industrial Curing solutions.

Water Cooled UV Lamp-Heads

LED UV has got several advantages in curing and operations.

  • Electricity Cost Reduction-In L-CURE There is substantial power saving upto 80% over HUV, LE and Mercury UV system.
  • Heat Reduction- Unlike H-UV or traditional mercury lamps, LEDs (Light Emitting diodes) emit very little infrared heat i.e 60 C. This avoids common heat-related issues in Sheet-Fed printing such as high pile temperatures, curling of heat sensitive stock materials and loss of moisture in paper.
  • Increase Up Time- LED's instant on/off switching means that there are no Warm-up and Cool-down cycle that are required in conventional UV system. Machine Up time is increase because it is instant on/off and there is no moving parts like: Shutters, Reflectors.
  • Less Number of Lamp Required- LED drying needs fewer lamps as compared to Mercury UV resulted power saving as well as less modification in offset press.
  • Longer Consumable Life- Average life of LED diodes is 20000hrs where as in case of Mercury UV it is 1000hrs.
  • Low Maintenance Required.
  • LED elimination of Ozone smell and Hazards.
  • Substrate moisture Retention.

Power Supply:

L CURE offers solid state power supply for easy operations with following salient features:

  • 0% -100% Step-less power control for UV lamp.
  • High power efficiency.
  • Three Phase operation.
  • Digital Fault Display to pinpoint problems for trouble shooting on the spot.


  • Printing on heat sensitive substrate like- PVC, PC, PP, PET etc.
  • Met-Pet Printing.
  • Gumming Sheet Printing.
  • Stickers Printing.
  • Vinyl Printing.
  • Printing on Speciality Paper.