Retrofit Attachments for Offline Drip-off, UV, Aqueous Coatings

Group Alpna's one of the most innovative and popular products for offline/ online coating applications, package includes C-CURE (Conveyerised UV drier), SMART-COAT (CDB Anilox Coater), M-CURE (Interdeck UV) for complete coating needs like Drip-off, UV- Matt / Gloss, Aqueous and Primer coating etc.

C-CURE Dryer

  • Easy to operate.
  • Longer Lamp Life.
  • Auto UV hood raise for fire safety.
  • EPS Power Pack optionally available.
  • Lower Electricity Consumption upto 15%.
  • Suction Hold Down for uniform Paper Travel.
  • Designed using advanced design technology.


  • Closed chamber doctor blade system.
  • Precise control of coating weight.
  • Make ready time measured in minutes.
  • Elimination of foaming and blisters.
  • Uniform quality at even higher speeds.
  • Automatic circulator(optional).
  • Safer, vapour-free and cleaner working conditions.

Interdeck UV EPS Based

  • Air-cooled and water cooled UV lamp-heads for minimum heat transfer.
  • Quick connections for air & electricity.
  • Advanced diagnostics for fault detection.
  • Heat extraction system for minimum heat built-up.
  • EPS type power-pack for power saving and precise step-less intensity control.
  • Indigenous cassettes designed for to sum in rough local conditions.

Various Configurations

Model ALFX65 ALFX80 ALFX94 ALFX102
Max Sheet Size 19" X 26" 22" X 32" 25" X 36"" 28" X 40"
Speed 8000 IPH 8000 IPH 8000 IPH 8000 IPH
Drying UV, IR, Hot-Air, etc
Application Offline Drip-off Coating, Full/Spot UV Coating, Aqueous & Primer Coatings etc
Stacking Auto Sheet Stacker
General Full Automatic Offline Coater for Drip-off, UV, Aqueous etc in Full or Spot

AL102/74FX-High Speed Single Station Flexo Coater

AL102/74FX-High Speed Single Station Flexo Coater

AL102/74HFX-High Speed Dual Coater

AL102/74 HMFTX-High Speed Two Colour Coater