SMART-COAT - CDB Type Anilox Coater

Based on many years of experience we are able to deliver perfect match for your existing sheet-fed presses.

Introducing Anilox Coating Modules

  • Label Presses
  • C>I Presses
  • For Narrow/Medium Webs
  • Web Lines

Classic Anilox Module

  • Alpna Original Design.
  • Doctor Blade Anilox System.
  • For Narrow/Medium Webs
  • Fast Anilox Roller Change.

SMART-COAT Anilox Coater:

  • CDB Type Anilox Coater.
  • Precise Metering of Aqueouse/UV Coating for Highest Quality-Minimised Consumption.
  • Quick Roller Change Mechanism.
  • Elimination of foaming and blisters.
  • Unmached High Speed Performance.
  • Minimal manual intervention.
  • Safer, vapour-free and cleaner working conditions.
  • Automatic Cleaning System (Optionally Available).