• The word "Press Production Assistance" means that PRINTOCARE would assist you when you have lost your HEIDELBERG operator suddenly without any notice. When an operator leaves a print shop suddenly, their production loss, and someone may try to operate the machine without previous experience in HEIDELBERG products. Operating a press without previous experience or training lead to increase in wastages, or lead to damage of the machine.
  • PRINTOCARE has come with a solution to solve this problem to our HEIDELBERG customers.
  • Our "Press Pilot" a press application specialist will reach customer's print shop and assist or train their new get familiar with the HEIDELBERG press without affecting even a single hour of production.
  • In case if a print to recruit a new operator, our Press Pilot would operate their HEIDELBERG press until they recruit For more details on this service, please do write a message to us. Our Service Head will assist you.